Why You Should Book an Inn for Your Next Adventure

When planning a trip, whether it be a vacation, a business trip, or a simple one night stay, people often book a hotel room without thinking twice or even considering a bed and breakfast as their desired destination.

Hotels can be nice, sometimes, but they’re often way overpriced when you consider the value you receive for the price you pay, which is exactly why we’re going to talk about why you should think twice and consider booking an inn for your next trip instead.

What is a bed and breakfast?

A bed and breakfast, also known as an inn or a B&B, is a guest house or a very small hotel that offers sleeping accommodations followed by breakfast in the morning. You may thing that is sounds a lot less appealing than the 6-story hotel that has the pool.

What’s so special about a bed and breakfast?

Personalized customer service

An inn is small enough that the employees working can engage with you, get to know you by name, and accommodate you in a way that makes you feel more valued and cared for as a customer, whereas in a hotel you’re just another face in a sea of customers.

Bed and breakfasts generally offer included features such as free parking and wi-fi

For some reason there’s a common misconception that bed and breakfasts are “old” – meaning they don’t have things like wi-fi.

Most, if not all B&Bs offer everything and more than many hotels offer.

Inns make you feel like you’re at home

B&Bs are not plain in the way hotels generally are. They feature everything you’d have at home and the bedrooms are made to make you feel comfortable and secure.

For example, your bedroom might be decorated with string lights, there might be a fluffy bean bag in the corner or the room, or there could be beautiful, homey decor covering the walls.

There are numerous reasons an inn is often more suitable than a hotel, but overall it boils down to the simple fact that inns are comfortable and soothing and are built to cater to the guest and their experience.