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lost places berlin

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The Abandoned Children’s Home:

which is quite a small overgrowth in a well-established suburb of the Berlin lie ruins of an abandoned villa. This is one of the most beautiful lost places Berlin. It was built back in the 19th century with this luxurious villa being one of the many sleepy parts of Berlin. While its inhabitant the neighbours enjoyed gilded lifestyle all that changed once Soviet invade Berlin. All the inhabitants fled from the homes in around 1946 after the Red Army covered the whole area leaving behind stately homes. The villa got briefly abandoned and then it was turned into a children’s home by early 1950s. Like many other, it was named after one of the countless communist politicians and fighters. The children’s home was luxuriously equipped with a large garden, a small swimming pool and lots of facilities for a playground.

lost places berlin

The children’s home stayed in the villa of Berlin till the time of the dissolution of the East Germany which ended up having the same fate in 1991. Since that time the place has been left on its own and to fend for itself. Over two decades ago it was set on fire and what has been left is nothing but a shame. The cellar of the abandoned villa and the tower have survived but it was difficult for the structure to upstand strong which has made it feel dangerously fragile now. Nature has taken over the playground and there are some traces of the jungle gym, ping pong tables and football goals which can still be spotted. This abandoned villa is half burnt to the ground and this makes it look quite not well. There is not much to see but this is a place that should find it as a way to your list of a visit.

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