Working of Ransomwares and Ways to Remove It


Ransomware is a harmful software that is spreading at an increasing rate. It is a form of malicious software that encrypts files on the computer or locks the user out completely. To save your machine from this software, it is important that you learn about it and implement the ways to remove it from your machine.

What is a Ransomware?

RansomWare is a kind of malware that when enters your computer can cause a lot of harm to the system. It does it by disallowing user to gain access to the data. The attacker via this malicious program, asks the victim to pay a ransom. In turn, he promises to restore access to your data.

Is ransomware threatening?

Ransomware scrambles the files present on the system to make them unusable. Once it happens, the attacker demands for a ransom. Ransomware can be removed with the help of an antivirus, but if the files have got encrypted then there are possibilities that you will never recover them back.

What are the different forms of ransomware?

Ransomware is available in various sizes and shapes.

  • Crypto malware is the commonest form of ransomware and has the potential to carry out extensive damage to the system.
  • Lockers infect the OS to completely lock you out of the system and make it difficult to access any files or apps.
  • Scareware looks like a cleaning or an antivirus tool that claims to have identified issues on the system and demands money to solve them.
  • Doxware steals the information of user and threatens to print or distribute the information online on failing to pay up.
  • RaaS is a kind of malware that is hosted anonymously by the hacker who distributes the ransomware, collects payments, manages decryptors to get the ransom.

What are the ways by which your system can get affected by ransomware?

One of the ways for a ransomware to enter into the systems is in the form of attachments in the spam email. After having downloaded and opened, these programs take complete control over the system of the victim. This becomes more severe when the malicious program has got inbuilt social engineering tools that deceive users to allow administrative access. There are also aggressive types of ransomware that infect computers by exploiting security holes.

How to remove ransomwareRansomWare

The removal of ransomware is same as removal of a virus. There are a few steps that you need to perform to get rid of it from your system completely. You need to enter into “Safe Mode” and execute your antivirus application to remove the malware.

An effective strategy is needed when it comes to removing a locker. This is because this program restricts user from executing any programs on OS. Below are the steps that would help in its removal:

  • Restore the system to the last safe running condition
  • Run antivirus program from an external drive or a bootable disk,
  • Reinstall the OS


Keeping your system free from ransomware is easy when you have a detailed understanding about it and knowledge about the right ways to prevent it.