How Can the Best Desktop Recorder Software for Gamers Help Improve your Health?

Are you looking forward to living a healthier life?  Worried how you can manage your business stress and workload?

Statistics suggest that playing games can help. 3D games have been seen to improve the memory capacity of individuals, according to a study by the Journal of neuroscience. If you are in pain, gaming has been seen to help relieve the symptoms, as it helps activate the parts of the brain so that it can focus elsewhere.  Similarly, some evidence suggests that gaming among dyslexic kids can help them to improve their reading abilities.

That’s not all.

Certain games have been seen to help us in different ways. Playing the all-classic game tetris, for instance, has been seen to help mitigate the effects of trauma. In fact, more research today suggests that playing competitive games can actually help you become smarter, as you’ve to think out of the box to overcome difficult situations. A 2014 study published in the Molecular Psychiatry sheds light on the same, stating how gaming helps increase the brain matter.

Why Recording Games is a Good Idea

Even if you do not want to play games, or are just lying around, watching them could be fun. Many game scenarios tell you how to overcome obstacles – a life lesson you shouldn’t ever forget.

Plus, if you like playing games, you can even share it with others for their use if you can record your game moves.  Make others know how you overcame difficult gaming levels – and make them see it for themselves.

The question though is – with the several game recording software available out there, which one do you choose?

Here are a few of them. Take your pick!

GECATA by Movavi

The desktop recorder  software by Movavi can help record games in HD quality. It also comes with an easy to use interface, with easy to use editing tools and features, that help to beautify your creation. You can record your gameplay up to 60 fps (frames per second). It’s well-furnished and comfortable to use accessibility can easily give other software in the market a run for their money.

The Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is our best bet because it does a lot more than just record your favorite games. you can record your desktop anytime, edit videos and photos, and save them in any format you like. The amazing effects and the fact that you can record pretty much anything like your business presentations, makes this come right at the top.


 Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio)

This is an open source type of software that is used for free by professionals and beginners alike. It comes with high-performance type audio and video recording and mixing ability that can be used for real-time recordings. All the user configurations are advanced, and hence, you can carry out the required editing easily.

It is compatible with Linux, Mac as well as Windows Software and can be easily downloaded from their official website. You can also live stream using this software.


With the NvidiaShadowPlay, you can be well assured that all your game recordings get recorded in high quality without interruptions. This software comes with two versions for the users: Shadow Mode and Manual Mode. While Manual mode allows you to record your gameplay for an unlimited length of time, using the shadow mode you can record and easily replay 20 minutes of your recording.

You can also share your projects on Facebook Live, Twitch or Youtube, with recordings up to 60 fps and up to 1440 HD. In short, you can use this along with the NvidiaGeforce GPU to record videos smoothly and effortlessly.


Camtasia is another such software that could other such software a run for their money. It is a smooth and light recording software, which provides you with editing tools and features to edit videos and audio quality as per liking. Several professionals have also raved about the software and how it is nice and easy to use game recording tool. Although the trial version of this software is available, you could purchase the full version of the software online for $299.


This software is known in the market for its ability to create high-quality videos. It also comes with several editing tools and features that allow you to edit videos as per your taste and liking. One important thing to take note of with this software is that it saves you several megabytes, as your recording gets video in small sizes. You can record and save videos in multiple video formats and is available in 52 different languages, making it easily accessible for people belonging to different countries.

It, however, includes watermarks in all it’s trial version videos and does not support live streaming.


If you are looking out for a software that is small in size but produces high-quality videos, then your search ends here. With Bandicam, you can select a specific portion of the screen that needs to be recorded which will help to create useful tutorials.

As compared to several other competitive software, Bandicam produces videos with a file size comparatively smaller than its other counterparts. You could use the HDMI connectivity for recording you could even opt for webcam recording.

So, when are you going to start playing your favorite video games again?