Choosing the Best VoIP Provider

Choosing the Best VoIP Provider

When one comes to talk about VoIP telephony, the first thing that one looks at is of course the price of a communication per minute. This is indeed the basic element to consider. Still, this per-minute rate does not make much sense if you do not think to take into account other elements. You will have no difficulty in realizing that the conditions of use proposed by the operators diverge enormously. All this inevitably affects the actual cost of communication.

So how to recognize the best supplier?

To compare the VoIP providers, you must know all the elements to be taken into account. Here is a list that allows you to better stop your choice.


  • Tariffs: this is the item that you look first. The prices proposed by the main ISPs seem attractive at first sight. They are nationally, but by looking at international rates, Orange, Bouygues and SFR remain quite expensive when compared to specialized suppliers. Voiptoners gives the best tariffs for both national and international usage.
  • Hidden fees: the price per minute often does not match the actual price you will be charged. This is how many hidden fees can occur. Maintenance, connection, production or rounding-up costs are common. By using the these services to switch VoIP calls you will have to pay 0.078 euros before you even started your call.
  • Set-up fees: It often happens that a fixed amount can be deducted from the credit you just bought to “open the line”. Be careful, this should be clearly stated before the purchase.
  • Ease of use: VoIP providers do not all have applications compatible with all Smartphones, so be sure to do this before you commit. Others offer only VoIP services from a computer. On the contrary, you will find comparable services compatible with any phone
  • The quality of communications: using your computer to make calls often does not allow you to enjoy optimal quality. It is with the applications on Smartphone that you will find the best quality.

Telephoning by having the interlocutor close to the microphone on both sides reducing the background noise. Unlike conventional calls, a VoIP call via 3G or Wifi makes it possible to have a clear and absent communication of crackling, the absence of relay antennas reducing these inconveniences. Take a look at the reviews of other users about this place. There is no shortage of information and you will be able to form a more precise idea before committing yourself.