Online betting with bookmaker is Easy

The bookmaker sets the different ratings of the different markets using computer tools and human analysis. To do this, the analysts enter in their computer tools the results of the previous day, the night or the day, the boxes, the time of the goals, the scorer, the time of play, the number of game, set,

To all these data, the tool is capable according to calculations of probability to leave the dimensions for each event. Then, depending on the information that the analyst gets from newspapers, media, and of course his knowledge of the market, he adjusts the scores by a few points. The ratings try to reflect the reality and the general opinion as much as possible. For that they are adjusted as the bettors invest. This work is also very important live, where they must constantly watch the different events of the matches to propose the good bets and the good odds at the right time.

 But how do bookmakers earn money?

Contrary to popular beliefs, and all that can be seen on the web, when you lose a bet, you do not lose against the bookmaker but you lose against your opponent of the day, i.e. the person who has Makes the bet contrary to yours! In reality, a bookmaker has good reviews   and earns money as soon as you bet, whatever the outcome of your prognosis. Indeed he takes a commission on each of your bet allowing him to settle the tax and make his business live.

What commission do bookmakers take?

Indeed, the more bets are, the fewer the commissions, the fewer the commissions, the more they are so that the bookmakers can draw a minimum profit by offering a maximum of choices. As the bets are taken, the ratings are adjusted, initially to align the market with the general opinion but also to guide the bettors on a specific bet in order to balance and adjust the commissions. If these ratings are not managed properly, the bookmaker may lose money, and as everyone knows when a company loses money, it closes. If it closes, we risk losing one of the diversification strategies of investments.

When you place a bet on a bookmaker, contrary to what you may possibly think, you are not betting against it. You bet against all other players. The bookmaker is only an intermediary, he only takes his commission (on average 2 to 3% commission on each bet). When you win, you do not win the money of the bookmaker, you win the money of the person who bet on the opposing team. When you lose, the bookmaker does not win your money, it is the player who bet the opposite of your prognosis that pockets your money.