Key to a healthy life – purified water

The environment is constantly degrading, the quality of the tap water coming in our homes has become markedly compromised. People who think that tap water is safe could not be more mistaken. Certain minerals that are added to the water cause harm to the body like excessive amounts of chlorine. That is why one need to make sure that they cement their safety by buying the best reverse osmosis system.  A good reverse osmosis water filter system guarantees you that you have access clean, clear and good tasting drinking water at all times. Our reverse osmosis water filter reviews focus on permanent water filtration systems that can be neatly tucked away under the sink, saving the counter space and providing with the safe drinking water.

A look at different reverse osmosis water filters

We present you with the different reverse osmosis water filter reviews to help you out to choose the best one for your home.

  1. 1. iSpring RCC7AK Reverse Osmosis System– This reverse osmosis system is able to filter more than 1,000 water pollutants at a time and uses a thin membrane to filter very small particles, some as small as 0,0001 microns that are not able to purify from other water filters. This means that even the good particles in your water will also be filtered, but this model will reintroduce them in the water before it flows out of your faucet. Some important elements such as Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium are reintroduced in your drinking water, so your body will be able to benefit from them. A calcite portion of the filter will neutralize the water’s pH, and it will result in a bottled water quality straight from your tap.
  2. 2. Watts WP5 -50 Premier – This is also one of the best reverse osmosis system products and the reverse osmosis water treatment works in the same way as the previous models. It also has 5 stages to the 5 stage iSpring filter. The RO of this system also includes the sediment filter, coconut-shell carbon, another carbon block filter, the membrane and the last high-quality GAC filter.
  3. AMI Home System– This reverse osmosis system also produces up to 50 gallons per day of clean drinking water. It effectively removes contaminants and microorganisms that harm the water. This system performs the standard 5 stage process with the water going through 5 different filters so as to produce purified water that would have the highest quality for drinking.