Buy the best quality jacket for your riding

Buy the best quality jacket for your riding

The imagery tied up with biker jackets is that of a rebel and motorcycle rider. Many people are now beginning to accept and use it with many types of clothing something as casual as jeans to cocktail dresses, with great panache.  It can throw over one’s shoulders regardless of whether one is headed out to a formal concert or a gala event.  Many women are now adding it as must have item in their closets the ubiquitous biker jacket.

How it became an icon:

The moto jacket has come a long way from its humble and wrong side of the tracks origins and has managed to retain a bit of its rebel image.  Many of the crème de la crème of high fashion are now offering this jacket with a hefty price tag. Retailers are hoping to cash in the jacket’s appeal and reach women who don’t have one and use it in many different ways.

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Biker jackets are now being designed and offered in a wide range of colors including black and non-leather versions too, to reach those who refuse to use leather.  Even women who have a traditional black one are interested in adding to their wardrobe by buying alternative jackets which can be used quite easily in warm weather.  The main goal of the fashion industry is to make the biker jacket a staple item in every woman’s closet this season and in the future.  Biker jackets are available at well-known retailers in colors like fuchsia and in wool and other materials.

The humble biker jacket has had a long and interesting journey from being a very niche item to a mainstream and much in demand item.  The fashion industry has taken an item and turned it on its head by interpreting the design and offering it in a multitude of fabrics, colors and price points.  There are so many unusual and interesting designs on the market now and these cover the gamut of casual, sporty and even evening wear. The trench coat was one such item and it has made its mark in the industry and the public imagination.