Benefits of Pneumatics and Pneumatic Valves

Benefits of Pneumatics and Pneumatic Valves

Pneumatic systems and valves are used in a number of industries. The medium used in pneumatics is air- which is also a fluid. However, since pneumatics use air, there are a number of benefits that they have as a result of using this fluid (yes, air is also a type of fluid). Here’s a list of benefits of using pneumatic systems and valves.

Availability of source

As already discussed, pneumatics makes use of air to make the system work. The best thing about this fluid is that it is available in abundance. While it is present in abundance, it is also available for free. Thus, restocking air to make pneumatic systems and a pneumatic valve work becomes an easy and cost-efficient task.


Industries that use pneumatic systems have lesser concerns when it comes to safety. Since air is non-flammable, the chances of a fire accident as a result of the medium catching fire are highly unlikely. Even if the system has a leakage, what would happen is- the air would come out of the system and be released into the atmosphere. This is not a problem, thus leakage not being a concern.

pneumatic systems


Using air to power these systems also helps in keeping the system a lot cleaner as opposed to other systems that use different kind of fluids. As the air rushes out of the pneumatic system, it takes out most of the dust and debris out of the system along with it. This means that the frequency of having to clean the system decreases significantly. Pneumatic systems also have lesser number of pipes and tubes. Hence, the system can easily be disassembled and reassembled.

Low friction

Since air is highly compressible, pneumatic systems have very low friction. This dramatically increases cycle times and gives an amazing response. Once the compressibility is adjusted, a lot of air can move through the system quite efficiently.

No return to tank

Since there is no need for the air to return to the tank, unlike other sources; pneumatic systems don’t need plumbing to send the air back to the reservoir. Moreover, the air that is used in the system is simply driven out by being exhausted to the atmosphere.

These are some of the benefits of pneumatic systems, which is why a number of industries prefer using pneumatic systems rather than other kinds.