The Best CBD Vape Oil

Not to be confused with CBD hemp oil or tinctures made to be ingested sublingually or orally, CBD vape oil is meant to be vaporized in e-cigarette devices and handheld vaporizers that are compatible with e-liquids for vaping. Regular old CBD oils can’t be vaped but e-liquids are actually ingestible either way, though vaping them is definitely recommended over taking it orally, just for the sake of saving yourself a few bucks since e-liquids are generally more expensive than tinctures. If you didn’t even know you could medicate yourself with a healthy dose of CBD while quitting smoking by vaping, then here’s a few of the best CBD vape oils if you’re curious to try it.


This dedicated company makes just about the best CBD vape oil on the market, but you’ll have to pay pretty heavy for it. With verified third party lab analyses, you can be sure the potency and purity of their e-liquid is of a platinum level. Their products of varying strength are best used for mixing within your favorite flavors of other e-liquids because CBDfx doesn’t limit its customers to their own few choices of flavors, allowing you instead to mix it into whatever you like.


Similarly priced and competitive with CBDfx in terms of quality, Koi provides four different well loved flavors of e-liquid. Their solution is also claimed to be extremely effective when taken in a sublingual fashion as well. Koi has secured a reputation for flavor in the CBD vaping community because many CBD e-liquids have a harsh and bitter aftertaste to them, but tons of people claim that hardly anybody could even notice that there’s CBD in Koi’s products.

Hemp Bombs

Slightly more affordable than the previous two options, Hemp Bombs are another e-liquid for flavor chasers. While they don’t offer super high doses for people who require heavy medication, they do make sure that whatever your dose is it comes out as the most delicious vapor possible. If you’re looking for the best CBD vape oil on a budget, this is just about your best bet.