Keeping the Baby Safe

healthy during pregnancy


Heart is the most important organ present in our body. It is mainly the pumping organ that pumps the blood to different corners of the body. This blood which is pumped by the heart carries a lot of important things like minerals, nutrients and most importantly oxygen. Oxygen and oxygenated blood is the prime thing for the survival of human being. Blood pressure caused by pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of the arteries while the heart pumps the blood throughout the body. Blood pressure is not stagnant all the time. It is dynamic in nature and fluctuates all the time however maintaining a particular range. High blood pressure is that condition when that range is crossed. Under normal condition a reading of about 120/88 mmHg to 139/89 mmHg are considered as normal to high range. High blood pressure over a long time interval can cause a lot of risk factors involving heart. Hypertension is the common name used for high blood pressure condition.

Blood pressure in pregnancy

During pregnancy as a whole a large extent of the body functioning and physical organization changes. Blood pressure also does the same. Due to high secretion of pregnancy related hormones alterations are vividly observed. Mainly the hormone progesterone that is secreted in really high amount, is a vasodilator by its action. It relaxes the walls of the blood vessel there softening the blood vessels. This affects the count resulting in low blood pressure condition. Thus the report of faint and laziness is commonly found in starting that is the first trimester of pregnancy. Up to middle period of gestation blood pressure in a woman’s body remain at the lowest range. However after that around 24th week the blood pressure reading goes up. Commonly used drugs against blood pressure might pose great side effects during pregnancy. So the blood pressure medication during pregnancy are generally different from the traditional ones. Especially the drugs having the characteristics of lowering the count should be avoided as it gets mixed with the bloodstream to enter the baby’s body thus causing severe health problems. Labetol and Methyldopa are the drugs that are popularly used in pregnant condition.

pressure in pregnancy


HIV is another serious threat that causes numerous problems in the body resulting in an ultimate death. Human Immunodefiency Virus (HIV) is the virus that causes a severe health problem called as AIDS (Acquired Immunodefieciency Syndrome), in which the immune system of a patient’s body start becoming non-functional inviting lots of other diseases and infections resulting into death. However there are numerous condition reported where a pregnant woman having HIV in the early stage is safely giving birth. Doctors and medical practitioner provides careful doses for the pregnant patients.

To Control the Transmission

It is always suggested for pregnant mother’s to carry the medications prescribed by the doctors to prevent the transmission of pregnancy to the child from, the mother. One positive thing is that pregnancy drugs are safely and can properly control the effects bring not transferred to the child, and also devoid of any birth problems. Caesarian section mode of delivery is suggested too, to prevent the transmission.

Follow the Prescription

Doctors must be consulted in both the conditions and their prescriptions should be followed properly to prevent any kind of additional problems that can affect the child growth.