Understanding the Prominent Issue Affecting the Regular Life of People on Earth

Life of People on Earth

Everyone today speaks about the global warming that is causing adverse effects on the nature causing natural calamities leading to loss of life and property. The greenhouseeffect is the major factor involved in the change of the earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, an essay on green house effect will shed light on understanding the concept better. Before understanding the greenhouse effect, it is important to know the meaning of a Green House. So, it is a glass house that has a higher temperature than outside due to the trapping of long wavelength radiations (infra-red) that can make the inside warmer. This effect is known as the Green House Effect that is contributed by factors like;

  • The Glass Walls
  • Elevated levels of carbon dioxide gas
  • Increased vapor content in the greenhouse air

Therefore, a green house is highly useful in colder countries to grow delicate plants that otherwise cannot survive the frigid climate. The greenhouse effect is negative in context to the environment as it can raise the temperature of the earth.

Green House Effect on Earth

The Green House Effect on Earth

The earth’s atmosphere has several gases that can cause energy absorption that allows the short waves of energy to pass through. As the longer wavelength energy cannot pass through, it gets absorbed that is radiated back to the earth. The collection of gases that cause this effect on the earth are called greenhouse gases. An essay on greenhouse effect must focus on the greenhouse gases that are the main cause of the problem. The gases that are responsible for the excessive heating of the surface of the earth are;

Carbon dioxide    

It is the primary contributor of the greenhouse effect that can cause the global warming phenomenon. The carbon dioxide is the byproduct of the burning of fuels (carbon based) and respiration process of humans and animals.


Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that has heated the earth’s atmosphere in a very short time compared to the carbon dioxide. Scientists have determined the presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for millions of years, while methane is relatively new (only decades old). The garbage dumps, swamps, and rice field can emit methane. It is the major constituent of natural gases.

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC)

CFC can cause the depletion of the ozone layers that protect the atmosphere from the harmful ultraviolet radiation. The refrigeration, aerosol sprays, extinguishers, and cleaning agents use the CFC.

Nitrous Oxide

The humans know the gas in a different name, the laughing gas and is produced only by the activities of the people. The farmers add the overload of nitrogen based fertilizers in the soil that cause the production of nitrous oxide. The depletion of the ozone layer in the stratosphere can also result in the formation of nitrous oxide that can cause the harmful radiation to reach the earth.

Water vapor

The presence of vapor in the atmosphere due to the evaporation of water can cause the increase in the temperature. The industrialization results in the increase of the water vapor levels in the atmosphere.

Saving the environment is necessary to sustain the life on the planet, so human awareness is required to control the emission of the gases with adverse effects on the environment.