Why does Bitcoin please people?

btc to inr

That Bitcoin is very revolutionary and has incredible technology we explain it along Bit2Me’s Bitcoin Guide, but it’s normal that you feel crushed and ask yourself: what do you translate into incredible technology?? What is the result that normal people perceive?

After making an initial explanation of what Bitcoin is in the first chapter of the Guide, in this chapter we want to translate Bitcoin into Any Asian language ., by which we will give details how all this skill touches on real things, what are its advantages who position it as the best money? How to compare  1 btc to inr

btc to inr


To send any amount of money is a matter of minutes. No matter the quantity or the destination.


The price of making a transfer to any part of the world through your bank can cost you a lot of money. After doing it with bitcoins, the price is pennies or free.


You can send bitcoins to any country in the world. Like the Internet or e-mail, Bitcoin has no borders. This, with the guarantee of respecting the freedom of its users, makes Bitcoin the first global currency that works for real.

A decentralized issue

No government or central bank can control it or interfere with bitcoin valuation btc to inr, creation or distribution. With Bitcoin the money is depoliticized, is returned to the people, eliminating in this way the control, that with the money, IS CONSENT exercised on the population.

To you

Your bitcoins are only yours. The money belongs to you 100%; it can not be controlled by anyone else, there is no external control over the accounts and cannot be frozen. At Bitcoin, you can be your own bank.