Important insurance required to become a courier service provider

Courier Van Insurance

With the online marketing, we have become lazier than before. We want to receive items just by sitting in our house. The need and demand for the home delivery facilities have made various insurance companies come up to do business. Because of the demand for courier services this sector has become a profitable business in the recent years.  If you want to make tons of money this is the best approach that you can take. However, there are certain things that you have to do to make the business come on its feet. The most basic of them is the Courier Van Insurance. Here are some of the insurance that you need to have to start your business.

Vehicle insurance

Courier Van Insurance

The major requirement of a courier business is a vehicle. To make a vehicle commercial you need to have some insurance under the law. One of such insurance is the vehicle insurance. No matter what vehicle you intend to use to deliver your products you need to have the vehicle insurance.  The normal car insurance does not work here. Courier Van Insurance is what is required to use the vehicle for commercial purposes. This insurance can be a standalone policy or can be merged with other policies like liability cover or Goods in transit.

Goods In Transit Insurance

You have no control over the accident that could happen in the future. Even if we are very cautious, accidents cannot be avoided if it has to come. If some accidents occur and you have damaged some of the parcels and goods that you are to deliver then you are held accountable for the loss. You may also have to compensate for the loss that has occurred. With the Goods in Transit Insurance, you don’t have to pay for the loss. Your insurer will pay all the losses that have occurred. Not only this, you may have met with an accident with none of your faults and in the accident, you have destroyed all the goods and parcels. In the absence of GIT you have to pay for the losses but if you have it you don’t have to worry at all.


If you are looking forward to starting a courier business then you should immediately look for these two insurances. Without it you cannot drive the car for delivering on the public roads, if caught you will be fined severely.