Here are some telltale signs that your favorite online movie streaming site is legit

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With the presence of Netflix, Hulu, HBO Online and other online streaming services for movies and television shows, it is pretty hard to keep up with its increasing subscription rate, and a lot of customers are complaining about this because it is not practical anymore which is also the main reason that more and more online streaming sites are emerging out of nowhere treating moviegoers completely free access to its content database full of movies and television series.

watch couchtuner

With the surge of online streaming sites that are too good to be true, how reliable can these sites be? There were reports that people are ended up being disappointed because a lot of these streaming sites are fake and sometimes they even suspect it to carry harmful files and viruses that can infect their phone or computer’s system.

With the prevalent cases of fake online streaming sites maybe it would be fitting for everyone to learn how to spot one knowing that the popularity and the patronization of people in this new way to entertain one’s self.

Fake online streaming sites have frowned upon a lot of movie maker associations across the world, and, of course, just about a lot of people that are involved in producing movies. Whereas you might want to see these services as a very convenient way to watch your favorite movie or television series, your action does not help in maintaining the movie industry healthy.

  • A legit free online streaming site must only feature movies and series that are already available in its DVD copy considering that they already obtained the copyrights of the movies and the series it features for its customers; you should expect that as a subscriber you expect nothing less from them. One of the most common ways to spot a fake and illegally operating online streaming site is cam-corded movies that have poor quality and these movies are illegally recorded inside movie houses or theaters.
  • Must have a wide array of genres and categories- To provide its customers great-quality content, a lot of paid streaming sites produce their own movies, documentaries, and series just like Netflix to draw more people from subscribing to its site and application while some feature independent films and documentaries to provide exposure to small-time filmmakers, also, this will give you more choices and selection to give you more hours of entertainment.
  • Must not direct you to another page where you have to register- One telltale sign that the site that you are about to stream for free movies is fake is that it directs you to another site that forces you to type in your personal information which is totally unnecessary for legit sites to do to its viewers. If you would notice that every time you click on the play button there is a pop-up window, you should feel wary and close the site immediately because this might cause harm to your computer or your phone.

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