Tips regarding screen printing that you should know

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More and more people decide to create screen printing products with their own designs. These products have the advantage that they fully adapt to the tastes of the person wearing it and transmit just what he wants. Designing personalized shirts is not difficult if some criteria are taken into account, such as the following. Click here for custom screen printing lynnwood wa.

custom screen printing lynnwood waImportance of the number of inks

The screen printing is a printing technique that print color by color. You can print up to 8 colors per garment. Each color of the design to be stamped will require its own photolith and screen. Therefore, the greater the number of colors, the higher the technical expenses. Visit this site for custom screen printing lynnwood wa.

Flat inks

This technique allows reproducing logos, texts and designs with flat colors with spectacular results, but it is not valid to reproduce very complicated drawings.

Tip: if your design has gradients or shadows, we can reproduce it in screen printing with frames. And if it is very complicated or with photos, other printing techniques such as digital printing, sublimation or vinyl can be used.

Original Quality

Although our designers always make adjustments to adapt the image, the final result of the stamping depends directly on the quality of the file you send to the service provider.

Who will wear your designs?

It is not the same to be making a design for you, than to do it because you want to create personalized shirts for a specific type of audience. If so, other aspects have to be taken into account, such as whether the shirt is for men or women, or how old it is, what it will be used for, or what it likes.

Customize advertising t-shirts with humor

All great designs hide a point of subtle humor, which can help to attract more attention even than a perfect design, very serious or too sober.

Choose the color range well

If you use the shades effectively and choose complementary colors, you are more likely to design t-shirts that are visually appealing. Do not forget that the right choice of colors is related to aspects such as the durability of the garment.

Advantages of screen printing

    • Printing on any type of fabric and even other materials.
    • Different types of inks and finishes.
    • It is profitable with quantities greater than 10 units.
    • Silkscreen printed garments do not need a special wash.
    • High color resistance.
    • Breathable.