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The system of the Wire Cut EDM, which is also known as wire electrical discharge machining or simply the wire EDM can be referred to a method of cutting conductive materials which can be totally done with the help of the thin electrode following the programmed path. One can get them in diameters for the electrode range from .004″ – .012. There is a complete hardness of workpiece material. When it comes to the wire cut EDM process there is usually an absence of the connection between the wire and workpiece allowing the machining without distortion. the wire is charged very rapidly. It is also surrounded by the deionized water.  This method is an easy one and is also very convenient.

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One can choose to buy the custom machining ellwood city which can independently have a movement along the four machines axes this generating the taper cuts. there is a movement by 1/4 degree taper which falls in try same areas, as well as some others, have two degrees. This can actually give a detailed shape.

The accuracy

Use of the Wire cut electrical discharge machining can provide accuracy up to +/-.0001″. The best part of the EDM tool is that it is very ideal for delicate parts. There are lots an option to get the Pieces up to 16″ thickness which can be also followed after the heat treatment.

When to use the Wire Cut EDM:

  • It issued with the Small workpieces which are damaged from conventional machining as well as some other traditional techniques
  • They are also used to rectify the Complex Shapes
  • Used with the Parts which come with try requirement of the accurate tolerances
  • It is also a suitable method for the Delicate or weak materials
  • These are the tools used for High Taper, plenty of Small Diameter Wires as well aw the Auto-threading.


Such a technology can be the greatest in order to get through the Submerged cutting which can be used for thermal stability as well as the procedure of the efficient interrupted cutting. Such a method can be also useful at the places where there is a need for the Anti-electrolysis power supply. These tools can be the best witty idea of Prototyping, Reverse Engineering, going with the Laser Marking as well as can BE maintained with trying Small Hole Wire EDM.