Removal of oxygen by using Deaerators in Industry and Power plants

tray type deaerator

Chemical process industry and power plants uses large boilers for steam production from boiler feed water. Oxygen and unwanted dissolved gases in the boiler feed water generally causes damage in the form of serious corrosion to the boilers which is attached to the walls of metal piping and equipments by rusting which is caused by the formation of oxides by undergoing chemical reactions. Further corrosion is caused by the formation of carbonic acid when carbon dioxide combines with water. Deaerators are specially designed device to remove the damage causing oxygen and dissolved gases from the boiler feed water. It works on the principle of decreasing the solubility of a gas in water by increasing the temperature by which it acquires saturation temperature. Thus in a deaerator water is heated almost to the saturation temperature with a minimum vent and a pressure drop. The process is done by spraying the feed water on a large surface area which includes multiple layers of trays. When steam comes into contact with feed water by heating up the dissolved gases are released and are vented through the vent in it.

tray type deaerator

Kansas City Deaerator Company

This company plays a major force in global market for manufacturers of deaerators and its components since many years. Kansas City Deaerator Company provides high quality and technically well designed deaerators for the power plants and chemical industries with these types depending upon your need. You can get standard tray type deaerator such as vertical tray, tank car tray and bolted double shell tray with specifications.

Types of Deaerators

Spray time and tray time are the two types of deaerators depending upon vertical or horizontal aerators which are available from a number of manufacturers and the construction details vary from one another. Vertical tray deaerator contains single vertical tank with a huge capacity which has applications in power plant with tray unit with minimal plan area and it gives maximum turndown with a longer life. Tank car tray type deaerator is a two tank welded device which can be used in all areas of power plants with long life and low turndown. Bolted double shell tray type deaerator is a bolted vertical heater with horizontal storage used in power plants for its good quality of operation and its tray unit is shipped in two pieces for easier transport and installation.